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Transferring Wealth

Working with J.P. Morgan specialists and your tax and legal advisors, your Financial Advisor can develop wealth transfer strategies that make sense for you and your heirs. Our goal is to create an effective plan that balances financial and tax considerations with your values and desired legacy.

  • Setting wealth transfer goals — We'll start by helping you clarify your objectives, from deciding how to transfer assets, to determining the best way to fulfill your philanthropic goals.
  • Finding an appropriate solution — Your Financial Advisor will consider a number of tactics, including freezing the value of your assets, discounting their taxable value or transferring future appreciation to beneficiaries. Similarly, we will show you how to leverage your gifting, through the use of family partnerships or by using discounted assets, to achieve your goals.

To help you answer those questions, J.P. Morgan Securities helps you to focus on your goals and objectives.

Tax goals may include
  • Transfer of wealth to descendants without current payment of gift tax
  • Minimization of estate and generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax
  • Minimization of income tax liability
  • Tax-efficient diversification of highly appreciated assets
  Non-tax goals may include
  • Creditor protection strategies
  • Restricted / control stock planning
  • Fulfillment of charitable goals
  • Retirement strategies
  • Not giving children or grandchildren too much wealth too soon



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