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Corporate Plans

Employer-sponsored retirement plans can provide many benefits for business owners, including tax advantages that will help your business attract, retain and reward a productive workforce. If you are a sponsor of a qualified defined-contribution or defined-benefit retirement plan, your Financial Advisor can help you manage the issues and responsibilities associated with sponsoring a cost-effective retirement benefit.

J.P. Morgan Securities will service your qualified retirement plan in conjunction with retirement plan providers that offer record keeping and other administrative services. 

Our Financial Advisors can deliver a variety of services to plan sponsors, including:

  • Coordinating proposals from approved retirement plan providers
  • Performing investment support services for plan sponsors, such as:
    • Providing a sample Investment Policy Statement (IPS) template
    • Providing education on capital markets and potential asset classes for the plan's menu
    • Identifying several investment options in each asset class from those made available by the plan’s provider
    • Informing the plan sponsor on suggested steps for monitoring the plan's investment menu
    • Providing requested fund information to plan sponsors conducting searches for potential replacements
  • Providing investment education to plan participants
  • Explaining plan fees and expenses

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