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Your J.P. Morgan Securities Financial Advisor will take the time to understand your goals and customize a lending solution that meets your borrowing and liquidity needs.

Home Financing
Financing a new residence or a second home often depends on many factors and, sometimes, unique circumstances. Working with our partners on the J.P. Morgan mortgage team, your Financial Advisor will take the time to understand your particular situation and customize a suitable lending solution.

J.P. Morgan specializes in jumbo and non-conforming residential mortgages offering a variety of flexible lending arrangements, such as:

  • Mortgages for trusts, LLCs, partnerships and other non-traditional purchasing arrangements
  • Extended rate locks available and a one-time ability to “float-down”, or reduce, your rate if rates drop by 0.25% any time between application and closing1

Access Liquidity Through Your Investment Portfolio
A line of credit established against your J.P. Morgan Securities investment portfolio2 can help you:

  • Cover near-term expenditures or major purchases
  • Meet tax obligations
  • Address cash-flow needs
  • Meet longer-term goals, such as charitable giving

Tailored Credit Solutions
Allow us to help you structure a credit solution that fits your unique circumstances and personal wealth-management objectives. Our lending specialists can analyze complex balance sheets and cash flow statements and develop customized financing arrangements.

1 A rate float-down adjustment cannot be made within three days of closing. The float-down is permitted only when the current standard rate for the same product is below the locked rate by 0.25%. The locked rate will be reduced to the current standard rate for the same product with a maximum decrease of 0.375% from the locked rate. If the current standard rate is below the locked rate by 0.75% or more, then there is no limit on the rate decrease. Please note that your original rate lock expiration date will not change if a float-down adjustment is made.

2 Borrowing with securities as collateral involves certain risks, including the possibility that you may need to deposit additional securities and/or cash in the account to meet a maintenance call and that securities in the account may be sold to meet the maintenance call. Proper management of your account and a thorough understanding of the conditions that may affect your investments will assist you in effectively using the margin lending program.

Equal Housing Opportunity

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